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Part 1}Hacking Series

What Is Hacking : A hackers are those who loves  softwares , coding , etc A  hackers are those who understand the works of system  how system operate and how system are designed and the most amazing thing is that they play with the system.[learn to start ethical hacking]

What are the Differnet types of  hacking techniques

various types of hacking techniques details

There are 6 types of hacking  techniques. First i will tell u only types of hacking  2} which subject you want to learn to start learning hacking  3} Differnet types of attacks

let get start the first topics

Types of hacking  :

1} Network Hacking :-    The main aims of network hacking is to gain information  about a network  there are many tools to gains information about a networks  let get a clear example


1} telnet

2) tracert

3) ping

4) ns lookup or many other tools 

2) Websites Hacking :-   The main aim of websites hacking is to gain whole accesss to the web server lets get a example


1}  hacking databse    

2)  SQL injection hacking 

3) cross site scripting 

3) E – mail hacking:- email hacking techniques is used  to access  your google account  once hackers access your google account  then they hack your hole activaties  let go for a example

ex:- 1) Hack facebook account 2) Hack snapchataccount 3) instagram  a/c

5)Ethical hacking :- A ethical are those who find bugs in the system ,servers  as well as network system to get  them fixed  those are called ethical hackers

6)Computer Hacking :-  computer hacking are main aim to access to victim computer  one these access to victim computer they try different hacking techniques to the victim computer .

Part2)  what are the differnet types of hackers :- 

Hackers are classified into9 different categories  ! But people  are seraching  only these hackers  they are as   

  • whitehat hackers
  • backhat hackers
  • greyhat hackers

And the 7 remaining hackers are :-

  • Hacktivist
  • Blue hat hackers
  • elite hackers
  • scripte kiddie
  • neophyte
  • red hat hackers

1:- Who are the white hat hackers:-    A white hat hackers is  called as a god of the hackers because  they never  harm to any system and a white hat hackers is also called as ethical hackers . The main aim of the white hat hackers is to find bugs , vulnerbality scanning ,an them to fix it.

2:- Who are the the black hat hackers:- A  black hat hackers is also called as the devil hackers  .The main aim of black hat hacking is to destroy  the system  and to gain authorized to the system . and the second thing is that they are also known as the crackers . Black  hat hacking  gaining  the information  of the victim  computer and selling their information to the companies.   A back hat hacking is the illegal hacking .

3:-Grey hat hacking:- A grey hat hackers  is the middle one between  black hat hacking and white hat hacking  because  he  doesn’t take permission  to the owner  after scanning the owner he finds bugs ,vulnerbality of the computer  weakness and they can given information to the owner .a grey hat hacking and white hat hacking is same but the difference is that white hat hackers can take   permission to owner before scanning the system . and grey hat hackers can scan the system first and they  can given information to the owner

How to became a white hat hackers
white hat hackers

4:- Hacktivist:- A anonymous is know to be a hacktivist . the code of the   hackivist “( we are legend ,we do not forgive we do not forget except us ) what is  the main  aim of the hacktivist hackers  is to give freedom to the people . ddos attack are created  by this hackers  .

5:- Blue hat hackers:- Blue hat hackers are those who find bugs to the system and many big big companies invited blue hat hackers  to find bugs to their product lets go for example suppose  microsoft  company has created a new os  and they want to launch this product to the market before  launching this product they hire bluehat hackers to find  bugs and weakness  on their products.

6:-Elite hackers:-A elite hackers is also called as crackers  the main aim of the elite hackers is to destroy the computer system and they have a special hacking talent.

7:- script kiddie:- A script kiddie  are those hackers who  using tools and scripts of other developers to attack any  computer system  .

8:-neophyte:- A neophyte hackers are those  hackers who has no knowledge about the hacking  as well as no experience  .neophyte hackers are also called as grey

hat hackers .

9:- Red hat hackers:- redhat hackers are those hackers who are against of white hat hackers as  well as black hat hackers.the main of the redhat hackers is to gain  sensitive information of the organization ,government information and anything that falls under the menu of sensitive imformation .

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