Tools for WiFi-hacking -Everyone want this tools for hacking WiFi

Tools for WiFi-hacking -Everyone want this tools for hacking WiFi

Hello all i hope u all are fine . in this article i will tell u top best tools for  wifi hacking . i will explain  u how these tools can crack the networks to get access . here is the list of top 8 tools that every hacker are use for wifi hacking Tools for WiFi-hacking

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Tools for WiFi-hacking

1:- Hashcat:-  what is hashcat

A hashcat is known as the world fastest cpu-based cracking tool while hackers use this tools for bruteforce attack’s in wpa/wpa2 security .This tool is an open source anyone can download from the offical websites  .This tool is available for mac ,windows,and linux .This tools can multi hashes at the same time .This hashcat supports distributed cracking network using overlay hashcat provides 200+hash types and much more

Hash cat provides some attacks modes 1:-straight 2:- combination 3:-bruteforce attack 4:- hybrid dict + mask

Hash cat is best tool for cracking passwords

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Tools for WiFi-hacking

2:- Aircrack-ng  [Aircrack-ng]

if you are in the field of ethical hacking you might have heard of air-crack-ng  .This tool is written in c programming language .Air crack provides you many tools to access the security of WI-FI network air crack  focuses on different area of wifi security .air crack can easily monitoring packets and explits data to a text files  air crack can easily create a fake access point and also sent some Deauthentication   packets and some packets injections  air-crack  is available for windows and Linux

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3:- Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel  is a tool that can use for passwords recovery .it allows easy recovery of various kinds of passwords by cracking encrypted passwords using dictionary ,brute force and crypt analysis  attack

Cain and Abel has been developed that it will be helpful for network administrators penetration tester and forensic staff and also for ethical reasons Cain and Abel is available for windows operating system

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Best tools for wifi hacking

4:- Fern  WiFi-cracker -What is fern WiFi crackers

A fern WiFi cracker is a tool for awaiting and attacks software’s  program .This tool can easily able to crack wpa/wpa2  and also attack on network wireless and Ethernet based attacks This tools is available for Linux Distribution you can easily download this tool by GitHub respiratory some features of fern wifi-crackers

1:- bruteforce attacks  [http,https,telnet,ftp]

2:- mitm engine

3:- Access point Geo locations tracking

4:- Automatic access point attack system

5:- automatic saving key in data bases

6:- crack wpa/wpa2

7:-session hijacking [passive and ethernet modes ]

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5:- Reaver

If you know the strength of you WiFi you can take some step to make it more secure Reaver is an opensource software  .This tools can be used of cracking wpa/wpa2 key .Reaver  can be installed in linux distribution

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If you have a basic knowledge  of hacking  you must heard this tools wire shark  what is wire shark :- A wires hark is a tool that can be used for network  protocols analyzers wire shark is available for windows and linux distribution wire shark can easily capture any wireless traffic wire shark  has a decryption support including ipsec AKMP kerberos snmpv3 ssl/tls  wep and wpa2  this tools can gives u the best result with the help of live capture and offline analysis wireshark can also capture live data from bluetooth usb fddi etc

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7 :- infernal twins

What is infernal twins :- infernal twins is   Tool for wireless penetration this tool can provide almost any features likes wireless pen testing fake access point ,sniff wireless  by this tools u can easily do mitm[man in the middle attack] this tool can easily crack wpa/wpa2 passwords you can also use this tool for social engineering This tool is written in python programming language This tool is available  on linux  you can easily download this tool for Linux distributions

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8;- wifisher

wifisher is a wifi security tool that can be  used for carrying out outmated and customized phishing attacks wifi sher is available for linux

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