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Sublist3r Domains Enumeration tool sublist3r tutorial for gathering Domains

Sublist3r Domains Enumeration tool sublist3r tutorial for gathering Domains

Hello all i hope u all are fine in this article i will tell u the best tool to gather information about the domain Sublist3r Domains Enumeration tool

Friends if you are in the field of ethical hacking then information gathering techniques is very important  specially for domain .

Sublist3r Domains Enumeration tool

Sublist3r Domains Enumeration tool

sublist3r –what is sublist3r how its work

sublist3r is python based tools together information about sub domains of websites using OSINT. sublist3r

is very helpful for pen tester to finding bugs  ,collect and gather information about the sub domain .sublist3r has already pre-installed many search engines like google Bing yahoo as well as

sublist3r also enumerates sub domains using net craft ,virus total threat crowd  DNS Dumpster and reverse dns. The brute force module was based on his script sub brute  created by the rook  .sub brute was integrated with sublist3r to increases the possibility of finding more domains using brute force with an improved word lists. [Sublist3r Domains Enumeration tool]

How to install sublist3r on kali Linux

1:- open your kali Linux terminal and type this command [git clone]

2:- These command can install these tool on your kali Linux machine

If any problem ! why installing this tool then you need python3 .4x .guys if you don’t have kali Linux . don’t worry you can also install this tool on your window machine by typing these command

[ c: \python27\python.exe -m pip install -r requirements.txt ]

Sublist3r install on windows How to install type this command

[ c: \python27\python.exe -,pip install requests ]

Sublist3r Domains Enumeration tool

  • some  short cheat sheet to use sublist3r
  • domain -d
  • bruteforce-h
  • ports -p
  • verbose -v
  • threads -t
  • engines -e
  • output -o
  • help -h


  • 1] –d means domain to enumerate sub domains of
  • 2] –b means bruteforce enable the subrute brute force module
  • 3] –p means ports scan the found sub domains against specific tcp ports
  • 4] –v means verbose enable theverbose mode and display results in real time
  • 5] –t means threads number of threads to use for sub brute brute force
  • 1-if you need help type this command on the terminal python
  • 2:- sublist3r enumerate sub domains type this command python –d domain name .com
  • if you want to know more about sublist3r click these sublist3r


How to hack wifi using this tool

create a application with thunkable 

How to stay anonymous while hacking

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