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Ransomware attack How to prevent from ransomware attack [Best Tricks ]

what is ransomware attack


ransomware is a type of virus that  can encrypted your personal files and folders

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How does it spread?

According to the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CRT), under the Department of Homeland Security, ransomware spreads easily when it encounters unpatched or outdated software. Experts say that WannaCry is spread by an internet worm — software that spreads copies of itself by hacking into other computers on a network, rather than the usual case of prompting unsuspecting users to open attachments. It is believed that the cyber attack was carried out with the help of tools stolen from the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States.

Some forms of malware can lock the computer entirely, or set off a series of pop-ups that are nearly impossible to close, thereby hindering your work.


Can Ransom ware be Prevented?

Ransom ware can be prevented by following some of the simple procedures:

1:-First of all the data should have a backup. So if there is an attack on your data by ransom ware, you can easily get the data restored and don’t have to fall for the ransom demand.

ransomware -attack-prevent- ransomware- attack


2:- It is wise to keep the software and Operating System updated as it will help in the presentation of any kinds of new malware attacks.

3:- Another way is to keep an up to date security suite. A good security suite will prevent from almost all kinds of attack on data.

4:- It will also be helpful to avoid visiting suspicious websites and clicking on anonymous links and web pages.
Do not open emails sent by anonymous persons who may be trying to harm you. By staying away from such links you can help yourself stay out of trouble.

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5:- It will also be better if the extension of the files presence in the data to have visible file extensions. By doing that we can tell if any suspicious file extension activity is present in the data.


who has been effected


It was first reported from Sweden, Britain, and France, but Russia and Taiwan are said to be the worst hit, according to US media. Over 75,000 systems have been affected. Major companies that have reported attacks are FedEx, Telefonica and National Health Service (UK).



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