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nmap tutorial what is nmap how to use properly for [ethical hacking]

What is nmap :- 

nmap is open source software created by Gordon Lyon .Nmap is tool to discover hosts and services on a computer network .  nmap send packets to the victim computer  to check whether the victim  is live or not

Nmap has  a ton of features  for ex :- OS detection , port scanning,  vulnerability detection  you can easily create your own script also  :

What is nmap scan 

Features of Nmap :-

OS detection :-   nmap can easily check  what operating system are using

vulnerability scanning :-  This is the best part of  nmap  because this   nmap vulnerability scanning can easily scan the victim operating  system for vulnerability

open port scanning:-  nmap  also scan the open ports  of the victim computer

i think you ready to start the port scanning techniques


in this article i will tell u some enumeration techniques

1:- How to check the victim  OS

2:-  How to scan the victim open port

3:-  victim service and version detection

4:- bypass firewalls


5:- Host discovery


Active and passive information gathering Techniques in [ethical hacking]

How to check via nmap whether the victim is live or not

This is very easy task to check the victim is live or not  u can use window cmd or nmap or kali linux  i am using kali linux here

This is first step for every pentest hacker  is to check the victim status

How to check the victim computer

For computer operating system


1:- open cmd


nmap- tutorial- what -is- nmap

2:- type the command [ ping + ip address of the victim computer ]

example ping www.google.com.  i am using google to ping 

as you can see the image i am sending ping to google .com     packet sent=4 received=4 lost=0   this mean google has live 


same thing with the Kali Linux or back track

open Kali Linux 



nmap- tutorial- what -is- nmap

open terminal and type the same command [ping www.google.com ]


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After checking the victim is live or not   we go for the second step :-

How to check the victim host using Kali Linux

To check the victim host you must need Kali Linux or backtrack , i am using Kali Linux here

nmap- tutorial- what -is- nmap


step to check the victim host using nmap

1:- open kali linux

2:- open nmap [if you want to install nmap on your linux ]  type the following command  git clone https://github.com/nmap/nmap.git


nmap- tutorial- what -is- nmap

3:- install the nmap after installing

check the live host of the victim


type the command [namp victim ip adress]

as you can see in the image the host is up 

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How to scan victim network range using nmap

  1.  open nmap
  2.  type the following command [nmap -sP  victim ip] see the image 

/24 is a CIDR notation this /24 can scan all the hosts in the range 192,168,32.0 to 192,168,32,255


How to scan victim computer open ports

  • steps to follow
  • open nmap

type the following command  [nmap 192.168.32]


What is tcp/under handshake


The transmission control protocol (TCP) was made for reliable communication. It is used for a
wide variety of protocols on the Internet and contributes toward reliable communication with the
help of the three-way handshake


1:- The first host sends a SYN packet to the second host.
2:- The second host responds with a syn/ack packet; it indicates that the packet was received.

3:- The first host completes the connection by sending an acknowledgment packet


Different types of ports types


1 Closed—It means that the port is inaccessible and no application is listening on it.
2Unfiltered—It means that the ports are accessible by nmap but it is not possible to figure out if
they are open or closed.

3 Filtered—It means that nmap is not able to figure out if the port is open or closed, as the packets are being filtered, which probably means that the machine is behind a firewall.

4 Open—It means that the port is accessible and an application is listening on it.


I hope u will love this article 


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