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nmap different types of scan best techniques -Learn ethical hacking

nmap different types of scan best techniques

Hello guys i hope u all are fine .. in this article we are learning different types of  scanning  techniques .  using nmap people are asking many question about different types of scanning techniques  using nmap .. in previous article i tell you about What is nmap.. what this article to get more information about nmap .

nmap tutorial what is nmap how to use properly 

In this article we are different scan in nmap

  • what is TCP connect scan
  • what is Tcp SYN scan
  • What is null scan
  • what is Tcp ack scan
  • What is fin scan
  • what is xmas scan
  • what is udp port scan


so ready to start learning

Guys open first Kali Linux or windows what ever you have operating system

i am using Kali Linux here

nmap- tutorial- what -is- nmap


Active and passive information gathering 

nmap what is TCP connect scan:-


The TCP connect scan is very  similar to the SYN scan,the  difference in that it completes
the three-way handshake. The TCP connect scan becomes the default scan .

nmap- different- types -scan- best -techniques



as you can see this picture

1:- source machine sends a syn packets at port 80

2:- destination machine respond with syn/ack

3:-the source machine that sends ack packets to complete the three way handshake

4:-source machine finally sends the rst packets in order to close the connection

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let go for a clear example

1:- open a terminal in Kali Linux then open the nmap

2:- use the following command type the victim IP address

type the following command to scan a tcp connect scan [nmap -sC ipaddress] in IP address type the victim ip address



as you can see this image


what is Tcp SYN scan:-


The tcp syn  scan is the  default scan that runs against the target machine..It is the fastest scan… if you want  to get more faster you can use -n parameters   this -n command can abort dns scan


nmap- different- types -scan- best -techniques


this image can shown you how a tcp syn works

1:- source machine sends a syn packets to port 80  to the destination machine

2:- if the destination machine responses with syn/packet .nmap known the particular ports  is pen on the target machine

3:- then the operating system sends a reset  packet in order to close the connection

4:- if you sends a syn packets  on the target machine .the nmap would known the port is open

use the following  command type [nmap -sS ipaddress] or you can add -n for  fast scan

Ransomware attack

what is null scan ,fin scan and xmas scan

what is null scan ,fin scan and xmas scan  are similar to each other. The major advantage of using these scans
for pentest is that many times they get past firewalls and IDS and can be really beneficial against
Unix-based OS as all three of these scans do not work against Windows-based operating systems,
because they send a reset packet regardless of whether the port is open or closed. The second disadvantage
is that it cannot be exactly determined if the port is open or filtered. This leaves us to
manually verify it with other scan types.


What is null scan:–

A null scan is accomplished by sending no flags/bits inside the TCP header. If no response
comes, it means that the port is open; if a RST[reset ] packet is received, it means that the port is closed.


nmap- different- types -scan- best -techniques


A null scan can be send no bits inside the tcp headers if no response can come it means that the port is open  if the reset packets is received it means that the port is filtered or closed

How to do null scan type the following command [nmap -sN ip address ]



what is Tcp ack scan:-

nmap- different- types -scan- best -techniques


the tcp ack scan is not used for  port scanning purposes  it is used to determine the firewall and acli rules .

you can scan with the following command  [nmap -sA ipaddress]


what is udp port scan

udp stands for user data protocols .there are many  ports that uses udp  .udp port scan can be used to determine the  common services that ae listening upon udp

command for scan udp [nmap -sU ipaddress]


what is fin scan in nmap 

nmap- different- types -scan- best -techniques


In  a fin scan the senders sends a fin flag to the target machine if suppose no response come from the target machine it means the ports is open

if the target machine is respond  with reset packets it means that the port is closed

command to perform fin scan on nmap [nmap -sF <TARGET IP ADDRESS>]


i Hope u all enjoy this article  if you have any problem just comment below 








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