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Network Sniffing different types of sniffing attack [network sniffing]

Network Sniffing different types of sniffing attack

Hello all  In this article , we will talk about various techniques used to sniff traffic across a network. In order to fully understand the network snniffing techniques,guys first i would recommend you to learn about tcp/ip  works. A majority of the techniques we will discuss in this article  would work only on the local area network and not across the Internet. So the target needs to be on the same local area network for our attacks to work. These attacks are really helpful when you are performing internal penetration tests. The only way to make them work remotely is by compromising a host remotely and then using that compromised host to sniff traffic on its local network,. Sniffing can be performed on both wired and wireless networks. Wired networks would be what we will discuss in this article . The main goal of this article is to familiarize the reader with the following topics:Network Sniffing different types of sniffing attack

 we will learn types of sniffing attacks

  1. Hubs and switches and 
  2. how they distribute traffic 
  3.  ARP protocol flaws 
  4.  Different types of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks 
  5.  Different tools that can be used to sniff traffic 
  6. DNS spoofing by using an MITM attack

Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing

Network sniffing and  eavesdropping, attack :–  is a type of attack where an attacker captures the packets across a wire or across air (wireless connection). The main goal is to capture unencrypted credentials across the network. The common target protocols include FTP, HTTP, and SMTP.

what is sniffing and spoofing

The best way to protect against sniffing attacks is to use protocols that support encrypted communication. Therefore, even if an attacker is able to capture the traffic, he will not be able to use it as it would be encrypted. However, with extra effort, we can also sniff traffic from protocols that use encrypted communication.


Network Sniffing different types of attack

types of Sniffing attack

  • 1. Active sniffing
  • 2:- Passive sniffing Active Sniffing

Active sniffing:-is where we directly interact with our target machine, by sending packets and requests. ARP spoofing and MAC flooding .

passive sniffing active sniffing:-THe  attacker does not interact with the target. They just sit on the network and capture the packets sent and received by the network.

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what is man in the middle attack


what is  MITM attack is that the attacker places himself in the middle of the communication between a client and a server. Therefore, any communication that is being performed between a client and a server will be captured by the attacker.




what is arp protocol 

arp [ARP stands for address resolution protocol]. It runs upon the link layer (Layer 2) of the OSI model.
Its purpose is to resolve an IP address to a MAC address.


Network Sniffing different types of sniffing attack.png


Network Sniffing different types of sniffing attack


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