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LaZagne How to Hack Recover Passwords using LaZagne

LaZagne How to Hack Recover Passwords using [LaZagne]


Hello guys in this article  we gonna show you how to hack any stored password with this tool you can hack window ,linux as well window admin password or wifi also. this Lazagne script is very useful for hacker .LaZagne How Hack Recover Passwords

What is lazagne

Best hacking tools 

lazagne is open source application used to recover password .let go for a clear example if suppose .you have a important data like property paper or other important things .and you  just created a passwords  for that important things and after some days you forget your passwords ..and this passwords is very important for you so how you can you recover your passwords ..  simple if you want to recover your main passwords as well as email you can easily recover your password by this lazagne script

so let get ready !  How to recover or main important data

LaZagne How to Hack Recover Passwords

vulnerable assessnment and penetration testing 

How to download and install

download lazagne file from here github Lazagne  click windows zip and download it .. just tap on the windows folder you will get a lazagne file tap on the lazagne file. cut the lazagne from there and paste it into desktop you will see a bird flying type icon ..

LaZagne How to Hack Recover Passwords

after that just open cmd command prompt and change the directory to desktop directory


command prompt

then changing the directory to desktop then type [dir]  this command will show you alll the files that are presents on desktop  ..

LaZagne How to Hack Recover Passwords

you will get a lazagne.exe option

i think you follow all the step properly  c:\user\desktop> laZagne.exe

LaZagne How to Hack Recover Passwords

type the command laZagne command boom you laZagne files has been started

Lazagne Features

positional argunment :


this all features has included in lazagne files

so  let go for live example i just recover my own browser passwords


LaZagne passwords

type this commands to recover all browser passwords  [ laZagne.exe browsers ]


as you can see i have just hack my own passwords i hope u  like this article. if you have any problem please comment below  please share and keep supporting

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