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Xampp How to Install and Run Xampp on Linux -[Local-host]

Installing xampp on kali Linux [64bit]

Hello all  in this article we will install  xampp  in Linux  operating system . many user have facing problem to install xampp on kali Linux .  installing xampp on Linux is not so much hard . if your read this full article you will properly use and  install xampp on Linux[operating system]. To install xampp you will need  to download the xampp file from the  official websites install xampp on linux

[https://www.apachefriends.org/fr/download.html] Download the file .

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what is xampp :-  xampp is a free  open  source platform  develop by apache-friends .xampp is stands for cross-platform . xampp is supported for all operating system like {mac} {Linux} {windows} etc. xampp is the best tool to create local host on your pc and very easy to manage. xampp is use to test the application ,webpages , etc.  xampp is very essential for the hacker to create a malicious  sites on your local server ..

let go to install xampp:]

1:-  First download the file


Installing xampp on kali Linux

2:- after downloading the file cut the file and paste it into your desktop folder {For easy configure ]

I am using kali Linux to install the xampp ….

Installing xampp on kali Linux

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How To  install xampp on Linux

1:- First download the file

2:- cut the xampp file file and save it in to your desktop folder {easy to manage ]

3:- open your terminal and type   cd Desktop

4:- type ls

5:- you will find the xampp file you want to grant the xampp file

6:- type this command you will successfully grant the permission    [ chmod 755 xampp-linux-*-installer.run ]

after doing the following step

run this command to install the xampp file  [ sudo./xampp-linux-*-installer.run ]

the xampp file will be install in the following directory  /opt/lampp directory

As you can see the installation has been completed

How to open xampp in Linux

1:-open terminal and change the directory to the desktop and type the following command [sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start]

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2:- To stop the xampp server type this command  [sudo /opt/lampp/lampp stop]

some following commands

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1:-To open apache type    [service apcahe2 start]

2:- to stop   {service apache2 stop]

3:-  restart command [service apache2 restart]

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