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how to stay anonymous while hacking [Hacking secret’s ]

how to stay anonymous while hacking [Hacking secret’s ]

Hello all i hope u all are fine.  in previous article i teach How hacker hide their ip address .i have got numerous request from many people asking me some tips for not get caught while hacking . In this article i will give u some important tips  to not get caught while hacking how to stay anonymous while hacking

so ready to  get more tips

how to stay anonymous while hacking

how to stay anonymous while hacking

How hacker’s hide their identity while hacking

1:-Facebook login :-  Never login to Facebook account   by phone numbers, or google gmail.  In previous article i tell you the same thing ..    How Facebook can track u  in  signup process  .They can track u by the IP address [internet protocol]  if you signup Facebook by  phone number can they can easily track u …if you sing up with google email  they can easily track u .  How to hack password using Lazagne 

2:- use vpn + proxy+ tor to get more  safe while hacking

3:- use duck duck go  for online surfing

4:- changing your mac address by using smac  . smac is a tool they can spoof our mac address

5:- never use  WiFi  , or LAN based routers   . use  mobile internet [i think mobile companies cannot  keep logs ]

6:- use Vmware   or virtual box for  hacking what is virtual box or vmware :-vmware is a  software u can easily install any os on vmware  vmware   can provide tools for hacking you can easily install window OS ,as well as mac OS , and Linux also   . when the work of hacking is over just reset it the evidence are gone in a seconds

how to stay anonymous while hacking

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7:- never ever share your private information  on the internet .because nothing is secure on the internet

8:- use third party  email providers

9:- never  tell your private information to your friends .

10:- never click on google ads  before and after hacking

11:- bouncing your IP address .. by country to country

12:- use kali linux  for hacking .kali linux provides you tons of tools and sofware which you can use for hacking

13:- use anonymous proxy but never use free anon proxy

these small small point  is very helpful to us while hacking

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