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How to install fatrat on Kali Linux make a backdoor with fatrat

How to install fatrat on Kali Linux

Hello all guys in this article i will tell u How to install fatrat on kali linux machine . installing a fatrat on kali linux is very easy . I will tell u How to properly install fatrat on kali linux .There are many many problem while installing fatrat … so be ready to install fatrat

what is fatrat :- fatrat is an exploitation tool .fatrat can easily create back door,for your computer ,android fatrat can easily exploit browser and dll.This tool compiles a malware with popular payload and then the compiled malware can be execute on windows, ios and android. fatrat can easily bypasss antivirus ..

How to install fatrat on Kali Linux


The features of fatrat

  • create back door
  • bypass antivirus bak dooor
  • check for metasploit service and start if no present
  • easily craft meterpreter reverse _tcp payloads for windows linux android mac and other
  • start multiplie meterpreter reverse_tcp listeners
  • fast search in search sploit
  • bypass av
  • file pumper
  • create backdoor with another technique
  • autorun script for listeners
  • drop in msfconsole
  • These are the features fatrat provide u

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Installing fatrat on kali linux

Installing fatrat on kali linux

1:- open kali linux then open your terminal type git clone these command can download fatrat on your kali linux after downloading fatrat on your linux type cd TheFatRat these command can change the directory to fatrat directory after changing the directory to fatrat type chmod +x && ./ this command can easily install fatrat on your kali linux

How to update fatrat to latest version 

1:- There are two ways to update your fatrat  first open your fatrat folder  then open in a terminal and type this command git pull && chmod +x && ./

this command will update your fatrat

2;- To Update from 1.9.3 Version and up , execute on your fatrat folder : ./update && chmod +x && ./

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OK i hope u love this article is you want more information about fatrat  go to github 


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