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How to Create a Free Application with thunkable [Hindi]

How to Create a Free Application with thunkable

Hello all aj iss article maie apko 1 aishe websites batoga jishe aap  aasane saie aik android application bana paiegaie .or ushe aache khase paise bhii earn kar skte haie. jaiseke ke aap sabhii log jante haie ke android phones aaj kal sabhii logo kaie pass haie or log android application banakar aache khase paise earn karte haie google kaie jariye .toh chalie shuru karte haie How to Create a Free Application with thunkable 

How to create free application with thunkable


How to Create a Free Application with thunkable

yeah websites saie aap bina coding  ke android application bana skte haie or ushe aap  Google playstore , or dusre playstore par bhii dal skte haie .

Toh chalie maie apko thunkable kaie features kaie bare maie batata hoo

Thunkable :- Thunkable aik aisha platform haie jishe aap free maie android ,ios application bana  skte haie wobhii bina coding kaie Thunkable apko kaie sare features provide karata haie jaiseke

  • 1:-Top elements [Modern user interferance]
  • 2:-image+artifical+intelligence
  • 3:- voice plus artifical intelligence
  • 4:-map locations
  • 5:-monetization
  • 6:-internet of things

How to Create a Free Application with thunkable

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yeah sab features apko thunkable bilkul free maie provide karata haie

Thunkable saie application bananaie kaie liye apko thunkable par registered karna hoga  app direct google saie sigin kara skte haie


Thunkable par sigin karne kaie baad apko istype kuch dashboard dekhne ko milega jaiseke aaap is image par dekh skte haie

How to Create a Free Application with thunkable

Thunkable apko kuch free videos provides karata haie jishe aap  dekh kar aasane saie  aik application bana skte haie

sign-in karne kaie baad apko 4 option provide hoge 1:- apps 2:-test 3:- export 4:- help

yeah char option apko milegaie


apps option maie app application create  kar skte haie  2:- upload kar skte haie  apne computer maie or  sath  he maie apko todhe bahot option milte haie    2:- test option maie aap apne application ko check kar skte haie  jo application apne banaya hoga aap test option kaie jaariye aap apne application ko check kar skte haie  or agar apke application ko check karte samaie apko koie problem aarahe hoo toh aap  reset connection saie aap fhir saie check kar skte haie    3;- export option maie aap apne android application ko apne computer maie  export kara skte haie or agar apko yeah app apne phone maie chahie hoo toh apko thunkable ka android application download karna hoga jishe apko qr code scan karana hoga apne android phone maie  qr code kaie jarriye aap aasane saie android application ko download karskte haie apne android phone maie

4:- Help options :-agar apko yeah websites saie kuch problems aarhe ho toh aap community forums maie ja skte haie or apko android application banate samaie kuch help chahie toh aap inke tutorial videos bhii dekh skte haie

thunkable application

Applications bane kaie liye apko create new app par click karna hoga  or apko jo name dalna hoo waah par aap dal skte haie jaiseke maie apna naam he dalta hoo xyz

name create karne kaie baad apko  is type ka dashboard dekhne ko milega yeah jo screen apko dekhne ko mil rahe haie app ush screen par  apka android apk create hoga

How to Create a Free Application with thunkable

apko thunkable kaie jarriye  1:- sensors 2- layout  3:-connectivity 4:- storage 5:-  social

or bahot sarre option provide hote haie   toh yeah the thunkable kaie baare maie kuch jaan kariya  Thunkable. 

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