How to copy any WebsitesThemes Templates scripts locally from computer

Hello all in this article we will learn about how to copy any websites locally . there are many tools in the market that copy any websites locally .. but i will tell u the better tool in the market

many user have asking me quotation  related to this topic

1:- why we uses websites copier

2:- Is this profitable tool

3:- why hacker love this tool for hacking

we will discuss later in this article :-

so ready to copy any websites locally

there are two tools in the market which i preferred to use

1:- httrack and the second one’s websites  ripper copier

why i preferred httrack  :- i really love this tools to investigate any websites   any also to copy any websites locally  . it can be used to investigate any websites let’s suppose that the file permission of configuration file are not set properly the configuration might reveal some important information    for example name ,username , passwords and some other useful  information    . that’s why i preferred this tools first

How to download httrack  websites copier

click this link to go official httrack websites

some information about httrack

httrack allow you to download a world wide websites from the internet to a local directory ,building recursively all directories getting html images and other files from the server to your computer .httrack arranges the original site’s .simply open a page of the mirrored websites in your browser and you can browse the sites from link to link as if you were viewing it online httrack can also updates an existing mirrored sites and resume interrupted downloads httracl has ibtegrated help system  also

the second great tool is website ripper copier

websites ripper copier is paid tool tool but u can install a trial version of websites ripper copier  if you want to download  websites ripper copier click this link to go for websites ripper copier

features of websites ripper copier

  • Download an entire website or copy a website partially to local drive for offline browsing
  • Extract website files of certain sizes and types, like image, video, music, picture and movie
  • Retrieve a large amount of files with resumption support
  • Crawl protected, pay-access sites and HTTPS / SSL (secure) sites
  • Create site mirrors
  • Explore site link structures
  • Download an unlimited number of websites simultaneously
  • Archive websites from popular Web archive sites
  • Enjoy instant offline viewing of retrieved sites with your preferred Web browser
  • Automate and schedule archiving of websites at anytime
  • Unique filters, like link-inner-text/description filter — only with WRC!
  • Powerful website ripper features and easy-to-use interface
  • Browse copied web sites offline anywhere, ideal for commuting or traveling
  • Save useful or important Internet information for later use easily
  • Save time and money, no more clicking page by page to download website data
  • Browse Web pages at the fastest speeds
  • Lower your risks of getting viruses or being spying
  • No more annoying pop-ups
  • Validate site links
  • Be used as a tabbed web / offline browser
  • Download whole website offline with the best website downloader software
  • Prepare websites for you to burn website data to CD, DVD etc

these are the features

How to copy any websites on Kali Linux

Kali Linux doesn’t  need any tool to copy any websites . Kali has ton of features   if you are on Kali Linux u can use wget command in the terminal to copy any websites locally  for example wget http://www.example.com

this command can easily copy any websites locally

i  want to tell some answer  that i recently  written on the top

The first quotation  that people asked me ?

1:- why we uses websites copier ?

ans:- because websites copier is very helpful for getting some private information from the websites

2:- Is this profitable tool for hacking?

ans:-  yes  i can say this tool is profitable for hacking

3:- why hacker love this tool for hacking ?

ans:- to gain some privates information from the websites and to find weakness in the websites

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