Hijacker WiFi hacking tool for android How to install on android
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Hijacker WiFi hacking tool for android How to install hijacker on android

Hijacker WiFi hacking tool for android How to install on android

Wi-Fi Hacking tool for android hello all i hope u all are fine in this article i will show tell u best tool for wifi hacking and specially for android phones .so be ready Hijacker WiFi hacking tool for android 

Hijacker –  Wi-Fi hacking tool for android

guys  these is the best tool in  the market for  hacking  Wi-Fi using android .  these  is open source software created by Chris .  

Hijacker WiFi hacking tool for android

Hijacker –  Wi-Fi hacking tool for android

What is hijacker –        If you are a pen tester then you need this tool  this tool is specially  created for pen testing . This tool  is very easy to use u can easily run this  tool on android .hijacker is  graphical user interference for pen – testing tools  . some best tools like airorump-ng aircrack-ng and reaver . this tools are  already pre-installed in hijacker  Hijacker –  Wi-Fi hacking tool for android

If you want to run this tool .This tool is installed only in ARM android devices  and  you need an internal wifi adapter that supports monitor mode .. If You dont have ARM devices  Don’t worry  .if you want to install hijacker than you need custom firmware for your android .only that firmware that support bcm4339 chipset [msm8974 .i willl some devices ,like xperia z1,z2 LG g2 nexus5  and samsung galaxy note 3..   Hijacker WiFi hacking tool for android 

guys if you want dont have internal wifi adapter you can download external wifi adapter that support monitor mode  and  support android otg cable .. friends if you want this tool to run on your android then you need to root your phones because this  software need root permission

what are the some features   Hijacker WiFi hacking tool for android 

1:- This tool can provide u  a list of access point and stations   clients around your network and  if there is hidden network than this tool can easily identified

2:-   Hijacker view the activity of a specific network by measuring data –packets and beacons

3:- statistics about access point and stations

4:-hijacker can easily measures network signal strength  that are closely near to  u

5:- you can easily save you captured packets in .cap file

  • Hijackers attacks
  • 1:-  Deauthenticate all the clients of a network  either target each one  or without specific target
  • Deauthenticate a specific client from the network it’s connected
  • MDK3 Beacon Flooding with custom options and SSID list
  • MDK3 Authentication DoS for a specific network or to every nearby AP
  • Capture a WPA handshake or gather IVs to crack a WEP network
  • Reaver WPS cracking (pixie-dust attack using NetHunter chroot and external adapter)

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different types of computer networks

Hijacker some other options

  • Leave the app running in the background, optionally with a notification
  • Copy commands or MAC addresses to clipboard
  • Includes the required tools, no need for manual installation
  • Includes the nexmon driver and management utility for BCM4339 devices
  • Set commands to enable and disable monitor mode automatically
  • Crack .cap files with a custom wordlist
  • Create custom actions and run them on an access point or a client easily
  • Sort and filter Access Points and Stations with many parameters
  • Export all gathered information to a file
  • Add a persistent alias to a device (by MAC) for easier identification

some installation  guide to install hijacker  on android

make sure your android is android 5.0 means lollipop

2:- you need a rooted phones you can easily root your phones by kingoroot apk

3: :- last you need a custom firmware  and  custom wifi- adapter that support monitor mode

If you want to  download this tool click here hijacker


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