Firewalls What Is Firewall and How it work to Protect your Network against Hacker

Firewalls What Is Firewall and How it work to Protect your Network

Hello all i hope u all are fine and in this article i will tell u about firewall what is firewall and how it’s work let go begin Firewalls How it work to Protect your Network

Firewalls What Is Firewall and How it work

what does a firewall protect you from
As you know internet has been growing Day-by-day and if you are using the internet for a long-time  and if you are working on big-company Then you will need a firewall friend’s Firewall plays the main role on the internet .If firewalls is not presents than you are not safe on the internet .
 guys If you have purchased a router or a broadband you may heard a name called firewall .A firewall provides security for home-network as well as large co-corporate network .firewalls protects your home network from spam websites , and  unwanted hacker’s
guy’s firewall is a bearer that can keep your destructive forces away from your property Firewalls How it work to Protect your Network

how firewall works in network

A firewall is a program that are located at the network that protects and secures the resources of a private network user from other network
Guy’s one question i want to ask to you ? Why people using Purifier for water ?why they can’t drink water directly
The answer is If they are drink water directly many germs can directly  inject on your body and may you get infected and if you are using water purifier for water ,then purifier can remove infection ,germs from the water and you may easily drink that water and you will be safe
The same thing will happen with the firewall .If you are surfing directly on the internet without firewall and visiting  any spam websites it may be danger for your  computer .and suppose if you are using a internet with firewall you might be safe from hacker and spam websites .guy’s firewall are specially designed For filtering treating communication ..  Firewalls How it work to Protect your Network
Different types of Firewalls and How they work
Firewalls are of Three types
1:- packet filtering
2:-Application firewall
3:- Hybrids Firewall

What is packet Filtering and How its work?

A packet filtering is a firewall techniques used to monitoring the outgoing and incoming packets .suppose If you are surfing on the internet and you are connected on home network [WI-FI ] and you are tying suppose my websites thelearninghacking.com on the browser url and you want to download some files from my websites and the file size’s is 20 mb You visit the websites and you click on the download button  and your ip is and my ip address is suppose .My ip address  will send’s you files and your’s ip address will receive that files while sending and receiving data packets .packet filtering firewall filtering and check the ip address of both sender and receiver and which port you are using to send packets after checking you may download the files from my websites .packet firewalls can pass the packets to the destination ip address Firewalls How it work to Protect your Network

HOW to hack passwords – using these techniques

What is application Proxy firewall :-
Application firewalls are designed to protect web application against from an attack .proxy firewall don not let the web server know which computer actually which want to visit the requested websites for ex a proxy firewall may hide us from the attacker in internet
since the application firewalls also checks the data content of the received data packets so they  are generally much slower than packet filtering firewall
what is Hybrid Firewall
Hybrid firewall combines packet filtering firewalll and application firewall in series to enchance the security .if they are corrected in parallel than the security of the connection will be reduced to the parameters defined by the packets filtering firewall for example application firewall will be of no use .if the two firewalls are connected in parallel for the reasons Hybrid firewalls are connected in parallel
for this reasons Hybrid firewalls use packets filtering and application firewalls in series
Firewall and their types
what is Domain  name system
Firewalls are of two types
1:-Software firewalls
2:-hardware firewalls
what is software firewalls and how its work
software firewalls is used for home individual ,software firewalls are pre-installed on your computer you can easily customize it A software firewall will protect your computer from unusual attempt to control or gain access to  your computer  software firewall also provide protect against the most common attack like worms,trojans , piracy software block , payload ,etc or many other features from software firewall  Firewalls How it work to Protect your Network
What is  hardware firewalls
A hardware firewalls is most used in companies These hardware are placed between the router and the internet connection .hardware firewall are mostly used your modem broadband .The first line of hardware defense ,using packet filtering Before an packet reach your pc the hardware firewall will check and monitor the packets where it comes from after the checking of packets they reach on your pc
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