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Best Ethical Hacking Tools

hello guys i hope u all are fine  in this article we will learn which is the best hacking tool to learn ethical hacking . what is ethical hacking tool ethical hacking tool is a software or  a script  that may help u to find weakness  vulnerabilities to a victim machine  there are tons of tools available in the market but i tell only that tool that hacker loves the most:-

Gfi lan guard


Net auditing

gli lan guard  can  work Automatically generates reports of the devices computers software and application in your network giving you a complete and detailed overviews of your network inventory status and security risks


vulnerability scanning with GFI lan guard

scan your network and devices against our constantly updated database of more than 60,000 know security and receive recommendations  on how they can be fixed


patch management with GFI  Lan guard

automatically scan for missing security and non security patches issued by windows mac os and third party application

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Ethical Hacking Tools





Acunetix is the best web vulnerability scanner this tool can perform the most advanced techniques like vulnerability scanning , indepth crawl and analysis ,high detection rate ,vulnerability management, wordpress checks, network security and many advanced features

This tool can give u 14 day free trial you can use this trial click here 

How to hack web browser

Burp suite :-


Burp suite is a leading software for web security testing



  • 1:-Coverage of over 100 generic vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), with great performance against all vulnerabilities in the OWASP top 10.
  • 2:-Scan exactly what you want. You can perform a full crawl and scan of an entire host, or a particular branch of the site content, or an individual URL.
  • 3:-Support for numerous types of attack insertion points within requests, including parameters, cookies, HTTP headers, parameter names, and the URL file path.
  • 4:-Support for nested insertion pointsallowing automatic testing of custom application data formats, such as JSON inside Base64 inside a URL-encoded parameter.
  • 5:-Burp’s advanced application-aware crawler can be used to map out application contents, prior to automated scanning or manual testing.
  • 6:-Use fine-grained scope-based configuration to control exactly what hosts and URLs are to be included in the crawl or scan.
  • 7:-Automatic detection of custom not-foundresponses, to reduce false positives during crawling.
  • if you want to know about burp suite click here 

hackers tool

learn linux for beginners



hacking-tools -ettercap.png

ettercap is a comprehensive suite that performs man in the middle attack features of ettercap sniffing live connection content filtering and many other things ettercap supports active and passive dissection and includes many features of network host and analysis

click here to go for the offical page


Active and passive information gathering Techniques in [ethical hacking]

Angry ip scanner



angry ip scanner is a vey fast ip addres  scanning tool  and port scanner tool

angry ip scanner has a great features it may simply pings ip address to check whether the victim is alive or not

after use the angry ip scanner you can save your scanning results to csv txt xml pr ip-port list files

angry ip scanner is a open source software its  very east to use

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savvius is an ethical hacking tool that performance issues and reduces security risks .it can diagonse network issue better with savvius packet intelligence

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nmap tutorial what is nmap how to use properly for [ethical hacking]





  • Secure your digital transformation
  • Continuous assessment of your global security & compliance posture
  • Consolidate all your security and compliance stacks
  • Drastically reduce your spend
  • 2-second visibility across all your assets
  • Identify compromised assets

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Rainbow crack

what is rainbow crack :- rainbow crack is an ethical hacking tool to crack password in hashes


Features of rainbow crack

  • Full time-memory tradeoff tool suites, including rainbow table generation, sort, conversion and lookup
  • Support rainbow table of any hash algorithm
  • Support rainbow table of any charset
  • Support rainbow table in raw file format (.rt) and compact file format (.rtc)
  • Computation on multi-core processor support
  • GPU acceleration with NVIDIA GPUs (CUDA technology)
  • GPU acceleration with AMD GPUs (OpenCL technology)
  • GPU acceleration with multiple GPUs
  • Runs on Windows operating systems
  • Runs on Linux operating systems
  • Unified rainbow table file format on all supported operating systems
  • Command line user interface
  • Graphics user interface



ironswap -tools.png

Ironwasp is an open source software this software is used for web analysis and penetration testing

you can download ironswap for windows ,mac ,linux

click here to go for the offical page



sql map is an open source penetration testing tool that process of detecting exploitation sql injection it comes with a powerfull detection engine


FeaturesFull support for

  • MySQL, 
  • Oracle
  •  PostgreSQL,
  •  Microsoft SQL 
  • Server, 
  • Microsoft Access,
  • IBM DB2, 
  • QLite, Firebird,
  •  Sybase, SAP
  • MaxDB, 
  •  Informix

download  sql click here




cain & abel .png

This is a best tool i personally use this tool to crack or recover any passsword

this tool can easily ccrack passwords using bruteforce,dictionart attack,

This tool can easily sniff network

recover password using this tool

cain & abel is an open source software

click here to get more information


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