Active- and -passive- information- gathering -Techniques
ethical hacking

Active and passive information gathering Techniques in [ethical hacking]

Active and passive information gathering Techniques Hello all in this  article we will learn  about information gather techniques  in ethical hacking why it is very important  for learning ethical hackers  in this article we will clarify all the details about information gather techniques what is information gathering :-   information gathering is a phase in which […]

ethical hacking

Ransomware attack How to prevent from ransomware attack [Best Tricks ]

what is ransomware attack   ransomware is a type of virus that  can encrypted your personal files and folders   How does it spread? According to the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CRT), under the Department of Homeland Security, ransomware spreads easily when it encounters unpatched or outdated software. Experts say that WannaCry is spread […]