Basic Concepts of Operating System and its Function [Ethical Hacking]

Basic Concepts of Operating System and its Function [Ethical Hacking]

Basic Concepts of Operating System and its Function Hello all guys. In this article we are learning. Some computer basics that will help you to gain knowledge about computers the goal of this article is to introduce some basics concepts. Of operating system

Basic Concepts of Operating System

Basic Concepts of Operating System

  • Guys we know that computer don’t. Understand human language they only under binary languages but human’s don’t under binary languages so what we will do to communicate with computer and how we will talk to the computer we will talk to computer by software programs are the interference between human and computer that will help to communicate each other
    There are two types of software
    1) application software
    2) system software
    An operating system is the. System that manage hardware and software for example operating system manage multi-tasking ,task manager , user management and many other things that manages operating system one more example. I will give u !In human body the brain can control your whole body like. Moving your hand ,moving your legs. ,felling. And. Many other thing. That. Controls brain Basic Concepts of Operating System

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Most common operating system
1)  Microsoft
2) android and iOS. For. Mobile and tablet
3) Linux.  There are many distro available in Linux like. Fedora ,redhat ,six and BSD

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What is kernel
Kernel is the core of the operating system it has full control over the activaties that are In the system kernel is the first programm that run’s in the  startup
Kernel support some task like. Memory management ,managing system and. Device management and many other things

What is file system
A file system tells how data will be stored and retireved from the storage device
Types of file. System

  • In window :- fat16 fat32  NTFS
    Linux. :-ext 2 ext 3 xfs yaffs reiserfs

What is device driver
1) A device driver is a types of software programm used to connect between the hardware device and the operating system

Some cheat for Windows

  1. Assoc – lists the association between file extension and their corresponding programs
  2. Cipher :- make folder content unrecoverable
  3. IP config :- list of all network interface
  4. Tracert :- this command will help you to open all back ground process
  5. Driver query :- THis command will open all the device driver
  6. Basic Concepts of Operating System

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